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Grindr Hack - Introduction

Are you looking for a partner with the same sex, but other websites are just not good enough you're your requirements? Even though there are many places, where gay people can live without fear, it is still a huge problem, especially when it comes to dating.

That is why there are special sites, where you can have a date with a man from your dreams. We mean here Grindr, which is an application very similar to Tinder, but designed especially for same-sex meetings. Unfortunately, there are some problems with this application, and in order to solve them, we released something called Grindr Hack.

If you want to know more about our tool, feel welcome to read the rest of the article. You will see there that thanks to our efforts it is possible to have Grindr Subscription Hack and use all the features designed for you.

Grindr Xtra Hack Tool Features

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Before we describe all the features Grindr Hack provides, let us take a moment and focus on providing some essential information regarding Grindr. People rate this application very positively, but what exact features can it provide?

First of all, it is very important for you to know that the basic version of Grindr gives you regular access to things like chats, customized search engine, and more than 100 guys or girls, who are looking for a partner in your area. If the base version has got so many interesting features, why would I need premium subscription, the so-called Grindr XTRA?

Well, base version is filled with numerous ads. Furthermore, you can save up to 300 guys you can later on chat, send them pictures, and communicate with them on any other way. Another advantage of premium account is the possibility to save keywords you used in the past.

Thanks to that you can go back to the search results even faster. Grindr Hack gives you access to such subscription. It's very important because one month of XTRA account costs 12€! Yes, the price goes up to 60€! For one year. It's insane!

Grindr Subscription Hack Download

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Join the Grindr Community

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Why would you need to pay so much money if you can enjoy Grindr cracked provided by our service? Use enhanced filters, notifications, and other easements guaranteed by Grindr Hack and have fun with completely unlocked application, where your dreamed partner is waiting for you to find him! Thank you very much for your attention, hope to see you here once again in the near future!

If you are interested in the application, read the FAQ section you can find down below. There are all answers to your possible questions. If you don't want to know more about the services we provide, move on to the download section.


Why Grindr Hack is free?
Easy verification ways like surveys can simply limit the number of downloads. Fast survey helps us prevent malicious bots and prove that you are human. We decided to release only 1,000 licenses. Grindr Hack has been made for really interested people who would download this fantastic application. Survey protects our program for bad intentioned people. We hope first vouches will be positive and it will be signaled for us that we should improve Grindr Hack and sell it in the future.

Grindr Subscription Hack is clean?
Grindr Hack has been scanned by many anti-virus programs including VirusTotal. Because of the type of application, your computer can treat grindr hack as a potential threat. We ensure that the program is 100% clean. To make the program work properly, it is necessary to disable the anti-virus. You will never get banned. We still analyze algorithms and checked if it's detected by Grindr. Even if Grindr Hack won't work, your account still will be safe. We will update the newest info about secure.

What when 1,000 licensed end?
Don't worry. First thousand licenses are just beginning to start providing paid licenses. However, access will not be as easy as before. Everyone should contact us via the contact form to get an own private license. Certain price isn't known yet. We'll update homepage when 1,000 copies end contact will be necessary.

What operation systems are supported?
We support every system where Grindr is present. Unfortunately Grindr has no version for Windows Phone, so our hands are tied. We provide two versions of Grindr Hack - Android and iOS. You need to know that 1,000 licenses include only one operating system - we're sharing with you 1 thousand android licenses and the same for ios users. Dates of updates can be different for any OS, because of differences in security systems (Usually android updates are first).

What if I downloaded free license and 1000 copies gone?
Please do not worry about that. You may still have your license, but it will be inactive. You can automatically active your license by clicking "update" cart. Then you will go step by step to get your paid license.

Which payment processors are supported?
We support PayPal, BitCoin and Credit/Debit Card. Just choose the easiest way to pay and enjoy our Grindr Hack without troubles.

How to contact with you?
If you haven't found answers for your question, please use our contact form below. If you have any questions about Grindr Hack (some issues, suggestions), please contact us using this short form. We will try to respond as soon as possible - usually it takes to 24 hours.